EMOTIONAL ARCADE TV EXPERIMENT -San Francisco August 31st @ The Exploratorium

The Emotional Arcade invites you to The Exploratorium on August 31st, 8pm-10pm to take part in filming our new TV experiment.

Described by Fast Company as “A shooting contest with your feelings as the gun,” The Emotional Arcade is the high-tech interactive installation disguised as a game show built around a deceptively simple question: ”How do you feel?” 

Are you the Draymond Green of hating your job? Are you the Dalai Llama of chill? Come compete to melt marshmallows with love, burst balloons with lust, and obliterate stress with biometrically-measured rage. No one loses, and everyone who plays gets a lollypop (and probably a free beer if you get there early!)

For more info visit: www.emotionalarcade.com

(Exploratorium After Dark Entrance Fee is $15)