After a short, intense weekend round in Dumbo, and still fresh off of SXSW and CERN, my mind is a-swirl with questions the Arcade is generating.


Why do the Swiss prefer Fear Competitions, and refuse, categorically, to engage in Lust Competitions? After three days the only Swiss who engaged in a lust competition had mistakenly thought I was offering them a "LOST" Competition...A misunderstanding I discovered when they failed to even fill the balloons an inch. This must be investigated further.

Why do so many men fear they will not be able to express any emotion? "I am completely detached from all my emotions" one man flatly stated. On the upside, he was wrong. And the rest of us are almost always are too. I was convinced I'd fail at the arcade initially myself, but I am OK at bliss competitions sometimes, it turns out. 

Why do so many women choose their exes to lust over? Is it because it is both familiar AND a bit naughty

Why do so many Bliss Competition contestants choose the color green? And why do they always win? This is a strange and wonderful pattern no one would have expected! 

Why are children almost completely unable to compete in rage competitions? They always want to play them, but they never fill their balloons. This is comforting of course, but makes me wonder at what precise moment a child discovers his / her rage? 

Why does nearly everyone hate their boss? It is so disturbingly prevalent. I think as a society that values stability, productivity, and health, we gotta deal with this.

Why do so many men think of female genitalia during lust competitions, yet so few women think of male genitalia during the same? A disappointing data point to both genders I imagine. 

Why could that one father not generate bliss for his children? He was trying so hard. It was hard to watch. 

How come some people are so much faster at The Shikantaza Mouse Toss while other people can barely do it after 5 minutes trying? 

What SIX NEW ARCADE GAMES should I come up with for the Museum of Sex

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